Monday, February 5, 2007


This is my retrospective that is not very retro (less than 3 years :). I have known how to sew most of my life, but I took a year long quilting class on Color and Design in 2005-2006 that changed everything for me. The following posts are some of the pieces I created for the class and since.

Nap Time

I created this wall hanging while my son napped. I took a mod pattern (the circles in squares) and combined it with a very traditional quilt pattern called the Double Nine Patch. This is the result. Nap Time was created for the Monochromatic class and currently hangs in my mother's home. This quilt was displayed in two shows my teacher put together based on the Color and Design class.

Spencer's Firefly

I created Spencer's Firefly for my son's first birthday. I made this quilt thinking about where he was in life, learning so much but only a small amount of knowledge being illuminated at this time. Hopefully it is a piece he will enjoy for his lifetime.

Throwing Caution to the Wind

I actually stiffened up some strips of fabric and quilled ( them for the flower petals. On this piece I tried to push myself to take every "risk" I thought of. The top two pieces are pieced and quilted and the bottom third is knitted with yarns and fabric. This piece was shown at Next Gallery in Denver and the Atelier of Richard Groskopf.

Martini Bar

This was made in 2006 after my class. It showed in a Denver Fiber Arts show in August at the atelier of Richard Groskopf. I was inspired by the Martini pattern of the 60's looking down into the glass. I added the classic quilt "Piano Keys" to put the bar in Martini Bar!


This is my first queen size bed quilt. Again, I was inspired by a modern pattern on a pillow I have at home. I handcut each of the little squares so they would all be imperfect. I pieced the entire top in a month (also during naptime) because I was possessed to finish it.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Creative Intentions

A recent art teacher observed that "the world does not want you to be creative." It's true. Family, kids, work, cleaning, bills, errands, and the list goes on. We have so many responsibilities today, life is complicated. Inspired by my friend, Claudia aka, I am simplifying my life and putting my intentions to create out to the universe via this blog. That's the first step right!

I started the year out making a simple coloring book bag with crayon pockets for my son Spencer (above). My list of what I would like to accomplish for the year:

1. Quilt for Spencer (already have the fabric and created design)
2. Bibs for Cybele
3 & 4. Quilt for mom and one for dad
5. King quilt for my bed
6. Wall hanging for Cybele's birthday
7. Handmake gifts throughout the year instead of buying them
8. Start refashioning clothing

It is a big list! But I am going to tackle it one by one. Here I go.....